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We are a group of dedicated Snake modders, who decided to make this site so that it is much easier for people to play Google Snake mods. We are not associated with Google, although we hope that they will allow us to keep this website up. We believe it is good for the Google Snake community as a whole for Snake mods to be easily accessible.

Why make a webpage? The first Snake mods were made using bookmarklets, which were easy to use and very popular. The popularity of Snake modding at this time should not be understated, the bookmarklet for "More Menu Mod" has been downloaded over 1 million times. In February of 2023, disaster struck as the bookmarklets suddenly all stopped working due to technical reasons. Despite this setback, the Google Snake modding community managed to recover. By March, almost exactly a month after the mods broke, the community had a new solution. Google Snake Mod Loader was born. While it addressed the issue with bookmarklets, and had several advantages, it came with a major drawback: it was more complex to install but there was one big drawback. It was more complex to install, requiring the download of an extension (usually Tampermonkey) and the installation of a userscript. Several months later, there was a glimmer of hope (ok, maybe that was a bit dramatic lol). A new member, "revenge" joined the Google Snake discord, asking for help getting the Google Snake Mod Loader to work on a standalone webpage. This kickstarted the development of this site, which also goes beyond the original ambitions of just having a web page version of the Snake mods. This site also supports running the Snake mods on mobile, and has support for running mods on older versions of the game.